Aircraft Noise

Fed up with the repetitive aircraft noise over your home ? In February the Civil Aviation Authority changed the flight path for aircraft using Luton Airport. A new holding area was designated near St Neots and aircraft approaching Luton broadly followed the less populated routes of the A14 and A428. In practice this means that many aircraft are now flying close to Dry Drayton, often noisily throttling back their engines as they start their descent. Even at 7000 feet and above, engine noise can be heard on the ground, both indoors and outside. This nuisance is also often exacerbated by engine noise from light aircraft from nearby airfields. Altogether some residents are finding this a greater nuisance than the noise pollution formerly experienced in the village from the A14 before its upgrade.

What can you do? The complaint procedure for Luton Airport is here:
You might also let your elected representatives know your views.
Specifically, we understand from County Councillor Edna Murphy, that one of her colleagues is organising a public meeting to discuss the problem. This will take place on 5th July at 7:30pm at Little Gransden Village Hall. There is an article on this in the Hunts Post at You might like to attend the meeting to make sure your views are voiced.(Unfortunately the meeting coincides with the July Dry Drayton Parish Council Meeting and so there will not be a DDPC Councillor attending).

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