Dry Drayton at the Tipping Point

We are about to lose the village pub, unless the community acquires the asset that is the Black Horse. There could be a new park and ride site at Scotland Farm. There is a threat of development in the middle of the village. The village needs a comprehensive new neighbourhood plan if there is to be any rational control over future development. Neighbourhood Watch needs your support. All this and more is for discussion at the Parish Council Meeting at 8pm Tuesday 21st March in the Village Hall. If you care about the future of life in Dry Drayton, come along and have your say.  The agenda is on the PC’s website www.drydraytonpc.org.uk



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www.DryDrayton.net is the community website for Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire


One response to “Dry Drayton at the Tipping Point

  1. The Black Horse is an essential part of the community, and it’s loss would be a significant blow to the village. Community ownership seems like a good solution, but whatever is decided, the village pub must be saved!

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