Dry Drayton in 1939

Just added to the village website, a transcription of the 1939 register, listing 417 individuals in 126 households who were here in 1939. It is linked from www.drydrayton.net/history.asp

Additional Village History Material

Recently added to the village history page http://www.drydrayton.net/pot1.asp:

Information about old photos of Dry Drayton folks found in an old Cambridge photographic studio.

A few more portraits of village folks

History of the Village Hall

History of the Dry Drayton Reading Rooms


National Day of Reflection on Tuesday 23rd March.  

Reflect – support – hope.

Dry Drayton Church is supporting the National Day of Reflection on Tuesday 23 March, the first anniversary of the UK lockdown, to commemorate the tragic loss of life and to stand together with everyone who’s grieving.

The church will be open from 10am until dusk with background music playing and we will toll the bell to mark the end of the minute’s silence at 12 noon to show support for the millions of people who are bereaved.

Other suggestions to mark the day include sending a card or contact someone who may feel bereaved: Church of England research shows that 6 out of 10 adults have lost someone in the last year where they would have attended the funeral and 4 out of 10 say they have lost someone close to them. Or at 8pm placing a lantern or candle on your doorstep or front window to show your support.


The Funeral of David Gardiner

David Gardiner’s funeral will take place on Friday 5 March at 3pm. As with all such services at present, numbers are limited so attendance is by invitation only. The family has therefore asked that the link to the service be made available to the church and village communities. The service will be streamed live and will also be available for the following week. Full instructions for this are here www.drydrayton.net/pdfs/webcast_instructions.pdf but the information you need is as follows:

Name    David Gardiner
Location    Cambridge Crematorium – West Chapel
Date & Time    Friday 05/03/2021 15:00
Login / Order ID: 82722
Password: zkqsstmc

Covid-19 testing and vaccination, 2021 Census, garden birdwatch, Parish Council

Covid-19 rapid testing

Covid-19 rapid testing, with lateral flow tests, is now available locally for key workers who are asymptomatic – the nearest testing site for this is at Cambourne – full details, including the booking process, can be found here: www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/rapidtesting

First Covid-19 large scale vaccination centres launch in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

The NHS has launched its first large scale vaccination centres in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough this week as part of the biggest vaccination programme in NHS history.  The centres are located on the ground floor of the Grafton Centre in Cambridge and at City Care Centre on Thorpe Road in Peterborough. The centres provide an additional option to the vaccination hubs already successfully delivering vaccinations in local hospitals and by GPs across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Details are here tinyurl.com/1tu1wfbl

2021 Census

The Census for England and Wales takes place every ten years and 2021 is a census year. This once-in-a-decade survey gives the most accurate estimate of all the people and households in England and Wales, and has been carried out every decade since 1801, except in 1941. Census information helps in the planning and funding of public services. Collecting this information is even more important during a Brexit departure from Europe and also the difficulties of an ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. You can find out all about the 2021 census at https://census.gov.uk. The Census offers a number of temporary jobs, which can be explored at https://www.censusjobs.co.uk/. If you want to see recent Dry Drayton Census Data from 2001 and 2011, it is here: http://www.drydrayton.net/census.asp. We also have the full data from 1891 and 1911 at http://www.drydrayton.net/history.asp.

Big Garden Birdwatch

This weekend, 29-30 January 2021, the Big Garden Birdwatch takes place. Visit https://www.rspb.org.uk/get-involved/activities/birdwatch/ to find out how, in just a couple of hours, from your own home, you can contribute to our knowledge about bird life locally and nationally.

Next Dry Drayton Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday February 2 Feb 2021 at 7.30pm – virtual meeting – for public access e-mail clerk@drydraytonpc.org.uk. Agenda at http://www.drydraytonpc.org.uk The Agenda includes a presentation on the proposed solar farm at Childerley.

COVID19 Test Centre Volunteers Needed

Message received from Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Association of Local Councils (CAPALC)

Please share this request for support via your mailing lists, Parish Bulletins and on all social media platforms.

Due to the large number of Vaccine Hubs, urgent support is required at 1 of our testing hubs within the region.

The roles range from queue management, registration assistant (welcoming people to the testing site), test operative (actually processing the testing sample, in full PPE, training provided), result logger (logs result), evaluation (asks people why they’ve come, would they come again) and general role (would include cleaning).

Fen Road, Cambridge
The test site is open Thursday 28th to Sunday 31st 10- 6pm.  Staff would be expected to arrive by 9.15/9.30 latest.  The last test is 5.30pm, so we would hope staff could finish by 6.15-6.30.

If you are in a position where you can help support the testing hub, please contact Nikitta Vanterpool – Nikitta.vanterpool@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

Dry Drayton Parish Council – Lockdown Part 3

Now we have once more entered national lockdown, we have been reviewing what additional help we can provide to our fellow parishioners.  We had already arranged a small supply of sanitiser, masks, gloves and aprons which are available for residents providing support in our community but whilst practical what more could we do.  We were fortunate to receive a small grant from the District Council and so there is more that we can and wish to offer.

During the past day we have been discussing with Mrs Hegan, Headteacher at the Primary School, if it would be possible to commandeer any spare capacity that the school kitchen might have, so that we can support those shielding, the elderly and vulnerable within our community.  Typically and how lucky we are to have Mrs Hegan, it did not take many seconds for her to commit full support to our initiative.  We now have weekday menus, with a two-course hot meal available for the community.

In the initial phase the Parish Council can cover the cost of providing the meal, we might have to ask for donations, depending upon take-up, but not yet.  However, anyone who does wish to donate immediately can do so, with a suggested amount of £4.00 per person.

I wanted to mention the Black Horse, what we are offering is community support, not a commercial alternative, for those of us that are able, we can continue to support the pub with their takeaway offerings as we have so enjoyed in past months.

To assist with catering orders, sourced wherever possible from local suppliers, we will need to order weekly in advance as far as possible.  We understand the dynamics of the virus cause change to our lives instantly, we have some flexibility therefore, but planning is key.  If you or someone you know  would benefit from this offer, please contact me or any Parish Councillor in the first instance for a menu and ordering information.

It is intended that the meals will be delivered and if anyone might be able to help with distribution, even on the odd day, that would be appreciated and a great help to the school.

We can deliver from Monday 11th January through to Friday 12th February and would be very happy to hear from you.

Simon Lander, Cllr.lander@drydraytonpc.org.uk, Or telephone on 07756 046592

Sharing Hope, Money, Development and old photos

Sharing Hope at Christmas
From Sue Wyatt: At www.drydrayton.net you will find free templates of Christmas Candles to download.  These are for anyone who wishes to colour/decorate/cut them out and put them in their windows – as mentioned in the December Dry Drayton newsletter. As the days grow shorter and we face a Christmas unlike one we’ve ever known, perhaps this is a good time to share symbols and words of hope.

Have you lost some money in the High Street?
Some money was found in the High Street on Friday morning, 27th. If yours, please contact Geoff Page and let him know what you have lost. geoffpage1@yahoo.co.uk   

Presentation on Proposed Development in the field near Warrington’s Farm, Park Street
This is on the Agenda for the Parish Council On-line Meeting on Tuesday 1st December. For details see the agenda at: www.drydraytonpc.org.uk

Dry Drayton in old photographs
The archive of old photos of Dry Drayton continues to grow, but we would love to add more. If you have any old photos of the village, or of Dry Drayton folks, which you are willing to share, please see www.drydraytonpost.co.uk/history.asp

Crime, Safety, Old Photos, Diary dates

Crime and Staying Safe
In these difficult times, when we are all intent on looking out for each other, it is worth remembering that there are still people out there committing offences, so stay alert. Two nights ago someone entered the back garden of a house in Pettitts Lane and stripped all the remaining fruit from the apple trees there. We are also being warned by Neighbourhood Watch to be on our guard for con men and rogue traders pretending to be local council officers offering loft insulation. There is information about dealing with cold callers here: www.drydrayton.net/nwatch.asp .  Neighbourhood Watch are also offering some useful advice on how to take care online, by protecting your passwords in 3 easy steps: www.ourwatch.org.uk/passwords

Dry Drayton in old pictures
We are pleased to see that there have been a number of visits to our local history pages. We now have over 100 old photographs of the village online and would very much like to increase this number. If you have any old photographs of the village which you are willing to share, we would love to hear from you. More information is here www.drydrayton.net/history.asp

December / January Village Newsletter
The deadline for items for the December / January Dry Drayton Village Newsletter is 20 November. Send your material to drydraytonnews@gmail.com

Next Parish Council meeting
This will be on Tues 1st December. After recent local consultation, there will be a presentation on a proposed development on Green Belt land in Park Street.

New home-based interest for the winter?

Looking for a new home-based interest during the winter months? Have you thought about researching your family tree or some aspect of local history? We have added some new resources to the village web site which you might find helpful.

Chris and Gill Turner have compiled a booklet of Gill’s uncle Sid Martin’s memories of village history and characters, written by Sid between 1995 and 1999.

We have pulled together items about the village which appeared in the Cambridge Chronicle and other local newspapers between 1774 and 1920.

A couple of online collections of village photos have been started. You can see these on Flickr.com. If you are sorting out your family photos, you might consider sharing any which relate to Dry Drayton.

During the current pandemic, Cambridgeshire Libraries have made the family history site, Ancestry, available to readers from home, free of charge (saving a subscription of over £100). Archives from the Times and Guardian are similarly available from home.

As a family history taster you will find on the village web site a transcript of the 1891 Census for Dry Drayton.

All this can be found at www.drydrayton.net/history.asp.