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Cambourne to Cambridge Better Public Transport – Consultation

Greater Cambridge Partnership are conducting a public consultation on the Environmental Impact Assessment of their Cambourne to Cambridge Better Public Transport Project. There are implications for Dry Drayton, with proposals including a travel hub at Scotland Farm and a new non motorised users track from the village to Scotland Farm. A powerpoint presentation given to Dry Drayton Parish Council last week can be downloaded here: https://www.drydrayton.net/pdfs/c2cppt.pdf The presentation includes information on how to have your say and on public events. Consultation closes Monday 11 July 2022.

Cancellation Parish Council Meeting and Consultation on “Making Connections”

Dry Drayton Parish Council Meeting Cancelled.

The Parish Council Meeting due to be held on Tuesday 9 November has been cancelled. Arrangements are in hand for the meeting to be held in the Village Hall at 19:30 on Friday 12 November 2021. This is subject to confirmation and further details will be posted on http://www.drydrayton.net in due course.

Greater Cambridge Partnership Consultation.

The Greater Cambridge Partnership has today launched a public consultation, Making Connections, on proposals to help people move in and around Cambridge easily and more sustainably. The wide ranging proposals will affect everybody living in Dry Drayton. Making Connections is asking for people’s views on proposals to radically enhance bus and active travel journeys and reduce car journeys. Proposals include the introduction of a road user charging zone (raising up to £60m pa) and higher parking charges and a workplace parking levy (raising up to £25m pa). Dry Drayton does not appear on any of the maps of the proposed new bus network. The Making Connections consultation closes on 20 December and more information can be found at http://www.greatercambridge.org.uk/making-connections-2021

Consultation on travel, village events, Boundary Walk

Consultation, Active Travel Schemes. Closing date 24 August

The County Council is proposing a range of changes to roads across Cambridgeshire to encourage active travel across the area. They are inviting your feedback on their initial ideas to promote cycling and walking as people’s first choice for shorter journeys. Two of their proposals  impact on Dry Drayton and the consultation is open for comment until  midnight on 24th August 2021. This link will take you to the consultation: https://consultcambs.uk.engagementhq.com/cats

The first proposed scheme  will make Madingley Road Dry Drayton one-way only for motor vehicles (Eastbound from Dry Drayton to Madingley) and will allow cyclists to travel in both directions. The second proposal is the same as the first, plus a similar scheme along Cambridge Road Madingley, again permitting motor vehicles to travel Eastbound only, towards Cambridge, with cyclists able to travel in both directions.

The objective of the proposals is to make these routes safer for cyclists. The price for this will be slightly longer journeys (and consequent emissions) for motorists on a return journeys from Dry Drayton to Cambridge via Madingley.

Whether you are for or against these proposals, below are some issues which you might like to include in your response to the consultation:

  • How will these proposals affect the promised and much needed non motorised user track along Oakington Road connecting Dry Drayton to the new tracks along the A1307?
  • How will drivers on these roads be encouraged not to drive faster in the knowledge that they should not encounter motorised traffic travelling in the opposite direction?
  • Will there be new speed or weight limits on the roads concerned?
  • How will this affect agricultural vehicles?
  • What signs and physical segregation measures should be used on the roads concerned?
  • Should the direction of travel of motor vehicles on the affected roads be Eastbound (as proposed) or Westbound?
  • Should all motor vehicles be prohibited on the Dry Drayton to Madingley Road, making it “access only”?

Dry Drayton Parish Council will be discussing these proposals at their next meeting on 7th September 2021.

Dry Drayton School and Village Association Events.

In addition to the Open Air Cinema on Saturday the 28th of August on the school field (more info to come as soon as organisers can confirm the film!) watch for two more “Summer of Feast” events sponsored by the S & VA:

Village Cricket Match, Bank Holiday Monday (30 August):  St Giles provide their most friendly team and their Dry Drayton cricket pitch; we provide an enthusiastic team and a delicious tea. All members of the village and school are welcome whatever their age, talent, experience, etc. The day is great fun for everyone, so if you want to play or volunteer in any capacity (making a cake?) please email drydraytonsva@gmail.com.

Dry Drayton Fun Run, Saturday 11 September 5pm: The Fun Run returns! A fun walk, jog or run on footpaths through the village, with medals for all participants. Entry fee £2.50, contact Diane Harris at da_harris_2000@yahoo.co.uk if you need further info.

Videos of the Dry Drayton Boundary Walk 2021

Alec Hawkes has just posted two videos of the 2021 Boundary Walk. The first is a standard video featuring footage from Adrian Bennetton and slides from Cinnamon and Alec and entitled Dry Drayton Boundary Walk 2021 full version: https://youtu.be/PXwJhs6ahFs. The second is a 3D version (viewable in 360 degrees) with footage just from Adrian and entitled Beating The Bounds in 3D: https://youtu.be/y-PRcPs-BE8.

Events at The Black Horse

It’s Pies and Platters – August 20, 21 and 22.
August Bank Holiday – four days of Festival Food.
Details at www.blackhorsedrydrayton.com