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School Governors, Coffee Mornings, Longstanton invite

Dry Drayton School Governors

Have you considered becoming a School Governor. The Governing Board of Dry Drayton Primary School needs additional Governors and would love to attract the skills and experience of people from our community. To find out more about the role and our village school, this link http://www.drydrayton.net/pdfs/govad.pdf will take you to an open letter from the Head Teacher.

Dry Drayton Village Coffee Mornings

There will not be a coffee morning in the Village Hall on Thursday 3rd October as no-one is available to organise it on that day! The next coffee morning in the Village Hall will be on Thursday 10th October

St Michael’s Church Longstanton

Longstanton residents are fundraising to promote the profile of St. Michael’s Church (which is technically redundant) and the need for its ongoing maintenance and upkeep. They have a limited calendar due to the nature of the building, but have been successful in garnering community engagement regarding this beautiful old building. There is an open invitation to Dry Drayton residents to come to their Michaelmas Harvest Fair on Sat 28th September.  The Fair starts at 1pm and among other things you can do some cupcake decorating. The invitation has originated from Narelle Hassell, Secretary, Friends of St. Michael’s Church fosm2017@gmail.com


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DryDrayton.net Village E-Mails 7th November 2014

Dear All,
Please find below an appeal for help and a couple of information items. webmaster@drydrayton.net

Are you web-savvy and willing to help a local good cause?

This is an appeal from Dry Drayton School. School websites are now a legal requirement. There are statutory documents which must be online along with websites being a great way to keep parents informed of what is going on and to market the school to newcomers. Our website is dated and cumbersome to use. Is there anyone out there with the time, expertise and inclination to help us revamp and use it? Please contact the school. The school website is here: http://www.drydraytonprimaryschool.co.uk/


Staying independent, safe and well – an important survey by Cambridgeshire County Council

Cambridgeshire County Council is working with its colleagues and partners in health and the voluntary and community sector to improve how it provides information and advice for local people and would like to understand more about your concerns or worries about the future and staying independent, safe and well – what information you might need to help you to plan for yourself and those you care for, and where you would turn for advice.

Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/LMZ77T5   The survey will run until 31 October and there are paper copies available in libraries and GPs.

This item is from Jane Hargrave, Information Officer, CFA Information Team, Children, Families and Adults Services, fis@cambridgeshire.gov.uk

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

The second edition of the Safeguarding Adults and Mental Capacity Act Newsletter has recently been published. It includes useful information and up-dates for people who use services, their families and carers, the general public and professionals who work with vulnerable adults. The newsletter can be downloaded from the County Council’s website at www.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/social . Any comments about the newsletter or suggestions for information to include in future issues can be sent to James.Codling@cambridgeshire.gov.uk .

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Police activity in Dry Drayton

A couple of months ago police prioritised dealing with antisocial behaviour in the vicinity of the School – until mid August. Does anyone know the outcome of this work? We have asked the e-cops but have not had a reply.

Meanwhile we clearly are getting some police attention in the village as according to e-cops yesterday:

” This morning for around one hour (0830 hrs onwards), PC Soni and PC Reeve conducted speed/seatbelt/mobile phone checks along Scotland Farm Road, Dry Drayton.  Traffic was light to moderate, and only one vehicle was stopped which was doing slightly over the 40mph limit and words of advice were given. There were no other offences. PCSO Karen Mahoney”