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Staying safe, book wanted and next newsletter

Suspicious incidents.

Our Village Neighbourhood Watch have received a number of messages about a couple of young men with Northern accents who are delivering leaflets in neighbouring villages and may be using this as an opportunity to look for places to later break into and steal. If you see anything suspicious, neighbourhood watch contacts are listed in the Village Newsletter or Cambs Police have an online reporting facility https://www.cambs.police.uk/report/Report  or you can phone 101.

Next Village Newsletter

The next Village Newsletter will be published in September and the deadline to submit items is next Thursday, 20th August. If you have anything you would like included, please send it to Rachel Gardner drydraytonnews@gmail.com by next Thursday at the latest. Pictures really bring the Newsletter to life, so please include them if possible. If you are sending pictures, please send them as separate attachments (i.e. not embedded in a Word document) and please send the largest file size that you can. Low file-size photos look fine on a screen, but sadly they do not reproduce well in print.

Village Speedwatch

Are you concerned about the speed of vehicles driving through our village? Village Speedwatch would welcome a few more volunteers to help them to educate drivers on the perils of speeding. In the last few weeks a Speedwatch session at Scotland Farm showed around 25% of drivers exceeding the 30mph speed limit. To find out how you can help to make Dry Drayton a safer place for all road users, please contact the Village Speedwatch Co-ordinator, Graham Carver on 019954 781806

Community Car Scheme

Anyone using the local Community Car Scheme might like to note the list of contacts has been updated, current details are here http://www.drydrayton.net/carshare.asp

Gallows Piece to Bee Garden.

This was the title of A Millennium History of Dry Drayton, published in 2000 by a group of village volunteers and distributed free to all households in the Village. We have had an enquiry from outside the village from someone interested in buying or borrowing a copy, If you can assist, please contact webmaster@drydrayton.net.

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Reopening the Church, Swifts, Parish Council, Newsletter

The following were circulated by DryDrayton.net Village E-mails 19th June 2020

Reopening the Church of St Peter and St Paul for private prayer.
The Churchwardens have advised that the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Dry Drayton, will now reopen for private prayer on Saturdays and Wednesdays. The full details of the arrangements being made can be found on the village website at: http://www.drydrayton.net/ChOpen.asp

Dry Drayton Swifts
Rowena Baxter and Michael Clydesdale advise: At present it is the height of the breeding season for swifts. Our colony in Pettitts Close is growing and super busy!  Why not stroll along one warm day or evening to see if you can catch some of the action?  Swift Awareness Week runs from 27 June to 5 July, but swifts will be here in numbers until the end of July.

Dry Drayton Parish Council
The next Parish Council Meeting will take place online on 23rd June 2020 7pm – For access to this virtual meeting, e-mail clerk@drydraytonpc.org.uk. Agenda at http://www.drydraytonpc.org.uk

Dry Drayton Village Newsletter
The deadline for the July issue is tomorrow, 20 June – contact: drydraytonnews@gmail.com

Closure of permissive footpath, crime, Newsletter deadline, Churchyard tidy-up

Tragic Incident and closure of permissive footpath.

We are sorry to pass on the following message from David and Linda Searle.

“The permissive path that runs from point a to point b on Drill Lodge, High Street Dry Drayton will be shutting permently as of Sunday 17/6/18. This is due to dog attacks on our horses resulting in bite injuries and the subsequent death of our horse due to injury after running into our fence after being chased by a loose dog. If you could pass on this information please. Signs have been put up on the footpath accordingly. Police are involved and if dogs are caught on our land amongst our horses we are within our rights to protect them. Please please please keep your dog leashed when around livestock, it is a criminal offence to let dogs roam and can lead to prosecution, death of dog and a huge fine. As it is we are mourning the loss of Rudi who as a ex racehorse deserved to live in peace in his own field and not spend the last two hours of his life bleeding to death.”

More crime in the village.

E-Cops report the following:

Spring Stables, Oakington Road, Dry Drayton, Business burglary. On Friday the 15th June at approx. 09:55hrs, unknown offender(s) have broken into a stable yard and searched the premises but nothing believed to have been taken.

Oak Crescent, Dry Drayton – Theft from a motor vehicle. Between the 14th June at 20:00 and the 15th June at 07:20hrs, unknown offender(s) have gained entry to a stationary vehicle by smashing the rear window. The catalytic converter and tow bar have been removed and taken.

Believed to be the same offender(s) who have removed the front bumper of another stationary parked vehicle in the same area.

Deadline for the next Village Newsletter, 27 June 2018

Rachel Gardner, the Editor, writes to let you know that for the July Newsletter she is extending the deadline by a few days. If you have items, please send them by Wednesday 27th June at the latest. Also, Rachel would welcome pictures to enliven the text, so if you have (or could take) any photos relevant to your item, do please send those as well. Please be aware that because of the extended deadline, the Newsletter will hit doormats a week later than usual, so some residents will not receive it until 8th or 9th July. And as a reminder, there’s no August issue. So do let Rachel know if you have any information about events in August or the beginning of September and she will include them in this issue. (drydraytonnews@gmail.com)

Churchyard Tidy-Up – Note for your diary

From Martin Tester. There will be a ‘Churchyard Tidy-Up’ morning on Saturday 14th July. All with  an interest in seeing the churchyard made tidier are invited to come and help. The bare details are:
•    Saturday 14th July;
•    9am onwards to 12.30;
•    Refreshments!
•    Please bring gardening tools, especially shears, secateurs, & loppers. Gardening gloves would be a good idea!
•    Please bring any spare ‘big bags’ from the likes of Madingley Mulch & Ridgeons for all the hedge & tree trimmings we hope to generate.
•    Just turn up in the churchyard on the day, although advance warning would help calculate the number of cakes to provide!
•    More details from the Church Wardens – David Wyatt or Martin Tester, contact details from page 2 of the village newsletter.


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The Black Horse, traffic, broadband etc

  1. Saving the Black Horse

    If you missed the last public meeting on 4th August you can watch the key highlights on video on the campaign’s website at https://www.savetheblackhorse.co.uk/ and you can pledge your support on the site and see the current level of fundraising achieved.

    2. Dry Drayton Village Newsletter

    The deadline for September’s Dry Drayton Newsletter is this Sunday, 20 August. Send your material to the Editors at drydraytonnews@gmail.com .

    3. Strawberry 50 community cycling event.

    The Strawberry 50 Community Cycling event will be taking place on Sunday 3rd September 2017 between 9am and 3pm. The event consists of two distance rides of 55 and 28 miles and the route passes through Dry Drayton twice. The route through the village passes along Oakington Road and the Dry Drayton to Madingley Road in both directions, so please drive slowly and expect lots of cycles on both roads. Route signage will be put up on Saturday 2nd September and taken down by the following Sunday evening. Full event information is available at www.strawberry50k.co.uk . If you have any query please do contact Neil Davies, Strwaberry 50 Organising Committee, on 07502 372852

    4. Swifts in Dry Drayton.

    The Pettitts Close Swift Project has been very successful this year – there is an update at DryDrayton.net .

    5. Broadband problems in Dry Drayton

    The Rural Services Network recently posted the top 5 questions they recveive on Broadband in rural areas. One of these was: “The council keeps announcing new areas to get superfast broadband but it never gets to our house?” If this sounds familiar to you here in Dry Drayton, here is their answer: “Councils are working with BT and alternative network providers like Gigaclear to fill in the gaps left by earlier phases of the broadband roll out project. The contracts BT signed stipulated that money had to be paid back to local councils when connections reach 40% of properties. Councils revisit the areas that were too difficult the first time around and see if they have become more viable by using different technology, or increased demand. Keep contacting your local council’s broadband team and raise the issue with elected members, the greater the visibility of your problem, the more likely it is that a solution will be found.” So if you are still unable to get superfast broadband, despite Dry Drayton being ticked as fibre enabled, then contact the Connecting Cambridgeshire project team Home – Connecting Cambridgeshire and let them know your problem.


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DryDrayton.net Village E-mails – special Parish Council meeting, village events etc

Dear All, 

  1. Parish Council Planning Meeting Tuesday 11th August 2015 7pm Village Church

The agenda for the meeting is on the Parish Council website www.drydraytonpc.org.uk The meeting is to discuss the planning application for the Cambridge Solar Farm. The site of this development is huge, it covers an area of 250 acres – about the size of the whole built area of Dry Drayton. The site is outside our Parish, about a field width West of the boundary of Dry Drayton Parish on land east of Battle Gate Road, Childerley Farm, roughly between Dry Drayton, Knapwell and Boxworth. The Solar Farm will be capable of generating up to 50MW of electricity, broadly equivalent to the electricity requirements of 14,209 average homes. Over 4000 vehicle movements will be needed for construction – vehicular access being from the A428 in the South and through Boxworth in the North. The solar farm will last for 30 years before decommissioning. To read about the application and comment, go to https://www.scambs.gov.uk/ – follow the links to view a planning application and input the application number S/1714/15/FL. There are over 30 documents relating to the application – these take an age to load so be patient. If you want to see what some other local communities are saying about solar farms, take a look at http://www.solarcampaign.co.uk/

2. Dry Drayton Village Hall presents….. a special musical evening

In aid of further hall improvements on Saturday 12th September featuring Val Sinclair http://www.valsinclair.co.uk/  with a wide selection of popular tunes encompassing blues, 60s, jazz etc… This promises to be an excellent evening with a popular professional group. Early booking is advised and please by 8th September (no late ticket sales) tickets available at £12.50 from Fred & Marlene Northrop, 28 Pettitt’s Lane 01954 789525 treasurer@drydraytonvillagehall.org.uk  food will be served – please bring your own drinks there will be a raffle – donations of prizes will be most welcome

3. DryDrayton.net Village Website – updates please

If you run a group or event in Dry Drayton, please e-mail webmaster@drydrayton.net to have your current information added to the village website. Use it or lose it – pages will be taken down over the next month for those organisations which don’t provide current information. The deadline to get material to Sylvia for the printed September Village Newsletter is 20th August – send to sylviapryer@aol.com (and why not CC webmaster@drydrayton.net to have your web pages updated at the same time).

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DryDrayton.net Village E-mail 1 Sept 2014

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1. Remembering those from Dry Drayton who served and gave their lives during WW1

Nationally there is tremendous coverage of WW1 in the media, especially on the BBC site at http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/0/ww1/ . Locally there is now a link on the front page of http://www.drydrayton.net to an excellent page by Phil Curme on the Dry Drayton War Memorial and the 14 Dry Drayton men commemorated therein from WW1. Perhaps some are related to current villagers. Their names are:
Harry Anable
Arthur Goulburn Brooke
Leonard Herbert Doggett
Frederick Arthur Fensom
Walter Fensom
Elias William Hankin
Sidney Hankin
Walter Hankin
Charles Impey
Horace Victor Impey
Ernest Radford
Alfred George Rivers
Allan Tack
Walter Aylott Thompson.
Look closely and you will see three brothers from one family, two from another. Three Dry Drayton men were killed on the Somme on the same fateful day, 1st July 1916 and one of our villagers listed here was awarded the Military Medal for bravery.

2. Village Newsletter deliveries – help wanted

Volunteers are needed for local delivery of Village Newsletters in Oakington Road (12 addresses), to the Village School (30 copies) and at Scotland Road (near the Coach House – 10 addresses), ten times per year. Are you willing to help with one of these please? If so, please contact Marlene Northrop on 01954 789525

3. Disability Open Day

All you ever wanted to know about disability – but were too afraid to ask! Friday 31 October 2014, Drop in from 10:00am to 4:00pm. To be held at The Council Chamber, South Cambridgeshire District Council, Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne, Cambs, CB23 6EA. The purpose is to host an event that highlights services available for those living with and caring for those with disabilities, highlighting charities, advice, equipment and practical help; as well as providing a meeting place to share ideas, make new contacts and forge new friendships.

4. Refuse Collections – heads up – forthcoming changes

We are all helping SCDC make savings. Full details of new arrangements from 1/9/14 are here: https://www.scambs.gov.uk/changes-waste-collections-south-cambridgeshire Changes are: in the months of Dec, Jan and Feb green bins collected monthly not fortnightly. Also you will need to put bins out overnight or by 6am at latest on collection days.


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A good week ahead?

Well after an Indian Summer weekend there are some things to look forward to during the week ahead. Even book lovers will have been astounded to learn from the Guardian that on ‘Super Thursday’ this week there will be around 800 books published – all competing for places in our Christmas stockings. This week will also (we hope) see the re-opening of the much awaited new Central Library in the Grand Arcade. Finally – the October Dry Drayton Newsletter will be dropping through your letterbox. Not a bad week then.