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Helen Ballantyne; Madingley Parish Council Proposals

 1. Re Helen Ballantyne, Hill View

 The funeral of Helen Ballantyne, of Hill View, Dry Drayton will take place on Monday 17 June at the parish church at 12 noon.

 2. Madingley Parish Council Proposals

The June 2019 issue of “Madingley News” sets out three specific proposals from MPC, centred around Madingley, aimed at creating a network of Rural Greenways, connecting the City of Cambridge to the parishes of Girton, Dry Drayton, Coton and Bar Hill. Three specific projects are:

a. Turning The Avenue into a Non-Motorised Route

b. Reconnecting footpaths and bridleways

c. Mitigation measures on Dry Drayton Road.

 (The June 2019 issue of Madingley News will be available soon on the Madingley Parish Council’s Website)

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Important Village Notices

Jane Austin Event in the Village Friday 26th February 2016, Admission Free of Charge

Jane Austen at Home is a solo recital celebrating the author’s life using extracts from her own works. Previously performed in country houses around the UK, including the home of Jane’s brother, Chawton House, Stephen Siddall and Hannah Lee bring Jane Austen to life at Dry Drayton Parish Church from 7pm this Friday (26th February). Entrance is free, with donations to church funds welcomed. The performance is followed by a buffet supper.

Stephen Siddall who devised and directs the piece has previously directed for the BBC, the Cambridge Arts Theatre, and the Pendley Shakespeare Festival. He is also the author of books on Shakespearean theatre.  Hannah Lee is a Cambridge English graduate who trained at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. Her stage performances include those of Austen’s characters Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice) and Marianne Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility). The recital is a professional piece that has received acclaim from reviewers around the UK’s stately homes where this has previously been shown and it is a real coup to have secured the performance in our Village. Your support would be much appreciated.

Dry Drayton CE (C) Primary School Needs your help

Dry Drayton School has been chosen to receive a grant of £8000, You could help to make it into £12000. Following a successful bid the school has been awarded at least £8000 by Tesco ‘ Bags of Help’ Grant Scheme to replace the surfacing around their Trim Trail. With your help, this could be increased to £12000. Please vote for their project in the following local Tesco stores from Saturday 27th February until Sunday 6th March: HISTON CAMBS EXPRESS, GREAT SHELFORD EXP, BAR HILL CAMBS EXTRA, FULBOURN, CHERRYHINTON, MILTON. www.tesco.com/bagsofhelp

Parish Council – Understanding Planning Seminar

Dry Drayton Parish Council is offering a free seminar open to all on planning at 7pm on Tuesday 8th March at the Village Hall.  It will be run by the Local Council Public Advisory Service.  The event is useful for those who are unfamiliar with the planning process but are increasingly aware that planning applications may affect village life.  The seminar covers material planning considerations, and explains Local Plans, and the National Planning Framework. It also explains the mysteries of s106 agreements and the new Community Infrastructure Levy. They will also look at building regulations and enforcement action.

Parish Clerk Vacancy

 Robert Stone, the current Clerk & Finance Officer, is retiring at the end of March and moving to the Cotswolds. If you are interested in a part time paid job that is varied, enjoyable and worthwhile look at the Parish Council website, at: www.drydraytonpc.org.uk  . Howard Russell, Chairman of Dry Drayton PC would be delighted to discuss in more detail. His contact number is 01954 780897. Applicants with relevant local government experience would be welcome but training can be arranged.

40mph Speed Limits on the A14

If you are frustrated by the continual 40mph restrictions on the A14 and apparent lack of works there, then you may be interested in the following explanation from the contractors. “We are renewing and restoring the safety barrier in the centre of the road between junctions 31 (M11 interchange) and 34 (Horningsea). We expect to finish this work in April. While we are working there will be lane closures in both directions between the junctions overnight with a 40mph limit in place throughout the works. It is important that this speed limit is observed as the crash barrier remains de-tensioned and requires new posts and bolts, which will not be complete until this work is finished.”

Proposed Western Orbital Bus Way

There is to be a Madingley Village Meeting on 8th March to hear about and to discuss the proposed Western Orbital Bus Way. Come along to the Madingley Village Hall at 7.00 pm to hear from Ashley Heller of Cambridgeshire County Council and make your views known.

Abuse of the Permissive Footpath across the field at the top of the High Street.

Correspondence has been received from the land owners expressing disappointment that walkers are not sticking to the marked permitted footpath when crossing the 10 acre field at the bottom of the High Street. The owners of the field point out that if trespass and damage to fencing and signs by the minority continues, then they will have no alternative but to close the permitted path and access will be lost to all.

Interested In Rescuing Our Last Remaining Village Telephone Kiosk?

Richard Stamford is investigating the possibility of adopting the last village telephone kiosk, situated on Scotland Road at Scotland Farm, and would like to consult with you to see if you wish to breathe new life into this old icon. The possibilities are endless, a book / music exchange, an art gallery, Dry Drayton’s smallest beer outlet (Lord Conrad’s perhaps?) a defibrillator station or just a place to sit and watch the world go by.

There will be serious considerations; planning consent, insurance, renovation, maintenance and associated costs. If you feel it is desirable and viable proposal please let Richard have your name, phone number and your thoughts on potential use / funding / preparedness to help. Contact  Richard Stamford, 39 High Street, or if easier, Cherry Stamford c/o Dry Drayton Estate, Scotland Farm.

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DryDrayton.net Village E-Mails: Traffic, Family History, Broadband and Feast Week

Dear All,

  1. Local Traffic Issues

For those of you who are keen to learn the latest news on local traffic issues – there is a public meeting of Madingley Parish Council tomorrow evening, Tuesday 9th June, commencing at 7pm at which there will be discussion about: the local configuration of the new A14 layout, road closures, congestion, park and ride for Cambridge and public transport. Linked from here is a paper for discussion on all of this, tabled by Edward Byam-Cook, the Chair of Madingley Parish Council. Clearly the issues being discussed will have an impact on Dry Drayton – so if you want to be “in the know” – 7pm Tuesday 9th June at Madingley Village Hall.

  1. Family History Query

Know anything about the Huddlestone Family in Dry Drayton ? see http://www.drydrayton.net/huddlestone.asp

  1. Super-Fast Broadband Disappointment in Dry Drayton  

Local cabinets may now have fibre optics, but this is not yet bringing any tangible benefits to Dry Drayton – read about it here http://www.drydrayton.net/broadband.asp

  1. Dry Drayton Feast Week – Events

From Diane Harris:

High Tea, Friday 3 July,  5 – 7 pm in the Village Hall:  Book now for a unique Feast Week event!  Dry Drayton is hosting “High Tea with the Hombrechtikon Ladies’ Swiss Choir” on Friday the 3d of July, from 5 – 7 pm in the Village Hall.  Former Dry Drayton resident and sparkling soprano, Rachel Gardner, will be visiting Dry Drayton, accompanied by the ladies of the Hombrechtikon Ladies’ Swiss Choir, to which she now belongs in Zurich.  The ladies have expressed a desire to experience a real English high tea.  In exchange, they will perform a few songs, and may even teach us ‘De Pantoffelheld’, a Swiss dialect drinking song, that requires a glass of sparkling wine!  Cakes, sandwiches, tea and (of course) sparkling wine will be served.  Tickets are £7.50 and must be booked in advance, as spaces are limited.  To book, please email da_harris_2000@yahoo.co.uk.

Fun Run, Tuesday 29 June, 6:30 pm at the school:  Don’t miss the traditional Fun Run & Walk through the village, followed by a BBQ hosted by the Black Horse Pub, on Tuesday the 30th of June, starting at 6:30 pm at the school.  Entries cost £2.50, and can be paid for in advance by emailing da_harris_2000@yahoo.co.uk, or you can enter on the night (try to arrive a little early so you can complete the entry form).  

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Dry Drayton, Madingley, Cambridge route

A campaign has been started to improve cycle facilities between Bar Hill, Dry Drayton, Madingley and Cambridge.

In the meantime something needs to be done to improve safety for cyclists on this route. Between Dry Drayton and Madingley and between Madingley and Cambridge there are several blind bends, poor road surfaces and crumbling road edges. On most occasions when driving along this route you can expect to encounter between 2 and 6 cyclists. Given the nature of the road, motorists need to leave a minimum of 6 feet between themselves and a cyclist when overtaking. So why is it that whenever you travel this route and drive at 40mph, a safe speed for the circumstances, there is always some clown wanting to overtake and drive at 60 mph?

Shouldn’t there be a clear 40mph speed limit on this route? Dry Drayton residents can help keep traffic speed down by driving at 40mph themselves.

Let’s hope the new campaign for the cycleway brings about the desired effect. Good luck to the campaign.

Dry Drayton in Worldwide Pinhole Photography Exhibition

Dry Drayton features this year, for the first time we think, on the Worldwide Pinhole Photography Exhibition website. On this site are photographs from over 50 countries, all taken on World Pinhole Camera Day, April 27th, 2008. These are all taken using cameras without lenses.

The exhibitors say of the collection “They also share an additional and less formal characteristic: the sincere enthusiasm of their creators who, by participating in this collective event, shared individual visions and techniques. Hence the amazing diversity of subjects, cameras, techniques and photographic materials combined in this exhibit!. Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day was established to celebrate the joy of simple creativity using the medium of lensless photography. We want to show that, from a device as simple as a cardboard box with a tiny hole, you can create inspiring images. Minimal technology and cost: Maximum Passion and Sensitivity!”

The Dry Drayton image was taken at the top of Madingley Road on 27th April. We hope that it has not compromised the security of the very important resident who drove up demanding to know why a photograph was being taken in her village, because she didn’t want anybody to photograph her house.

The image is here: http://www.pinholeday.org/gallery/2008/index.php?id=1250


Madingley to Cambridge Road

We were saddened to see from the Cambridge News on Tuesday that the incident on this road on Sunday was in fact a fatal accident and that some of the people involved were from dry Drayton. A witness from Madingley told the Cambridge News “The road is particularly dangerous and they’ve done some surfacing work there recently to improve it”. How, we wonder, does this stack up with our local Councillor’s statement in the most recent Village Newsletter that: “The cycle route from Bar Hill and Dry Drayton to Madingley Road Park & Ride is great and we hope cyclists take full advantage of the route and enjoy the great outdoors while encouraging people to do their bit for the environment.”

Anyone who uses this road will agree with the Madingley resident that this is indeed a dangerous stretch. Although the victim of the fatal accident last weekend was not a cyclist, anyone who has cycled the road knows that cars swoop past just inches away and at ridiculous speeds. The edge of the tarmac falls away sharply in places, making any mistake difficult to correct. As if this isn’t enough, during term time, some motorists heading for Cambridge in the morning thrash through Madingley to try to re-join the traffic jam on the Madingley Hill a few cars ahead.

Isn’t it time Cambridgeshire County Council tried out some traffic calming here, and perhaps introduced the kind of “quiet lane” policy introduced by the Countryside Agency and practiced in Norfolk and Kent – where vehicles have to travel slower and give way on designated quiet rural roads to cyclists and walkers? This should also be applied to the Dry Drayton to Madingley Road – then this could become a great route for cyclists.

What a weekend..

Strange things were happening in and around Dry Drayton this weekend.

A night shift worker from Dry Drayton – one of those excellent essential workers who keep the major London hospitals working – had a scary trip to work on Saturday night. Arriving at Cambridge Railway Station at about 7pm to catch the Kings Cross train, she found that there were over a hundred unhappy travellers herded outside the station by the British Transport Police. A security incident was in progress – all trains to London up and down the line were halted and nobody could say for how long. A fast drive to central London saved the day and she arrived just in time for an 8.30pm start – her kind driver facing a hundred mile trip instead of a quick turn-around in Cambridge. Try getting compensation for that from the train operator!

Then on Sunday it snowed again, for the second weekend running. Some sort of serious incident happened on the back road from Madingley to Cambridge as police closed the road.

You would think you might be able to find a passing reference to these newsy items in the Cambridge News, but our venerable local paper seems to have missed them.