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Dear All,

1. Pop up Pub – A message from the Black Horse Steering Group

Thanks to all who supported our September pop up pub and curry night in the Village Hall.  It was very successful.  Our next  pop up is with chilli and it’s THIS SATURDAY, 28th. The bar will open at 4pm and chilli will be served (medium and mild, meat and vegetarian) from 6pm – 8pm.  £5 for a standard serving and £3 for a bowl.  Lord Conrad will be joining us again providing beer, wine and soft drinks.  On the 28th We’re looking forward to meeting Colin and Amanda from the Black Horse.  The Hallowe’en theme means you are free to dig out your witches’ hats, broomsticks, skeletons,make up etc.  Get working on pumpkins too.  All Welcome! Judith Bennetton BHSG

2. With the season for fireworks approaching, here is a plea on behalf of local wildlife.

PLEASE CHECK BONFIRES CAREFULLY FOR SLEEPING HEDGEHOGS BEFORE LIGHTING. If possible the entire pile should be re-sited before being lit, if not possible, use broom handles to lift from the base of the pile, and shine torches, looking and listening carefully for any signs of life. British Hedgehog Preservation Society The British Hedgehog Preservation Society – The British Hedgehog Preservation Society

3. Crime in the Village

The days are getting shorter making it easier for thieves – so please be vigilent. Report anything which you think is suspicious. There have been two recent crimes in the village. At 20:50 hrs on 18/10/17. Springhill Stables, Oakington Road was burgled, various stable outer buildings were entered and drawers were searched and loose change taken. The same night, between 18:00 hrs on 18/10/17 and 08:00 hrs on 19/10/17 a van was attacked in Oak Crescent. Unknown persons forced the lock on the rear doors of a Vauxhall van whilst it was parked in the street. Nothing was taken.

Action Fraud have circulated a warning about a scam involving the offer or promise of modelling work – you can read all about the latest scams, and how to avoid them, here: Fraud News

4. Art Competition – there’s just enough time to enter

Do you know a child who likes to draw? As part of The Big Draw Festival this month, which promotes drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention, Cambridgeshire Constabulary have launched their own art competition. They say, “This half term, we’re inviting children under 12 to dig out their pens, pencils and paints and submit a drawing to fit the theme ‘The Police’.Engaging with young people and listening to their experiences is an important part of our role and we hope this light-hearted competition will get the young people of Cambridgeshire thinking about the police and the role we play in their communities.There are two age categories, five and under and six to 12-year-olds. The winners will receive a personalised tour of our headquarters in Huntingdon and entries will be displayed across the force. If you know someone who might like to get involved, ask them to send their entry along with their name, age and contact details to corporate.communications@cambs.pnn.police.uk, post it to Corp Comms, Hinchingbrooke Park, Huntingdon, PE29 6NP or submit it via our social media channels, Facebook (@CambridgeshireConstabulary) or Twitter (@CambsCops). The competition will close on 29 October.

5. The Royal British Legion Cambridgeshire County FESTIVAL OF REMEMBRANCE

Once again they are holding an annual Festival of Remembrance at The Robert James Hall at Comberton Village College in aid of the Poppy Appeal. Sunday 29th October at 2.00pm With The Band of the Royal Anglian Regiment And guest performers, The Drums of 2417 (Newmarket) Sqn Air Training Corps, The Robert James Hall, Comberton Village College, West Street, Comberton, CB23 7DU, Tickets: £10 each. Keeping their memory alive. Those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in two World Wars, and more recent conflicts are remembered on memorials and through Remembrance services across the nation.The Royal British Legion was formed to support the veterans of the Great War which was hoped to be “the war to end all wars”. But since then, Britain has been involved in many other wars and fields of Service, creating a continuous supply of Service men and women, and their families, who need assistance. To ensure that the memory of those who have given their lives in the Service of their country will continue and be honoured – for evermore, the nation has created memorials and participates in acts of Remembrance.
The Cenotaph in Whitehall and numerous war memorials around the country commemorate those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the First and Second World Wars.And to commemorate those who lost their lives in the Service of their country since 1948, the Armed Forces Memorial was opened in 2007 in the grounds of the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire.
Cambridgeshire Royal British Legion Facebook: Log in or sign up to view 

6. Free creative writing courses
There are free creative writing courses available at Madingley Hall. These are funded by the A14 works – how creative is that! Fun with Words: Try your hand at creative writing


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DryDrayton.net Village E-Mails – 8 Items – 2 Nov 2014

Dear All,

Please find below eight important local information items

  1. Bonfire Night in Dry Drayton

Please have a safe and enjoyable Bonfire Night. If you have been piling up the old bonfire for weeks in anticipation of a jolly good show on the 5th, please take a few minutes to make sure your splendid pile has not become the home of a hedgehog, who definitely will not appreciate a roasting. 

  1. Oakington Post Office re-opening

The Oakington Post Office at 27 Longstanton Road will re-open on Monday 17 November 2014, with the same facilities and opening hours as before. The shop there has remained open throughout the improvements to the Post Office part of the business.

  1. Do you want to improve your computer skills?

Sam Clift writes to ask you to come along to The Girton Computer Group, open from 10am to 12md every Monday except for Bank Holidays. It has a high speed cable connection supplied by Virgin Media to the internet and wifi inside the St Vincent’s Close Community Centre.  Members bring their own laptops, and tablet computers and connect to the wifi for practical help and tuition where possible. There is no pressure on any of our members to achieve anything and they are able to learn at their own speed. It is a very sociable group and other activities spring from our Monday morning sessions, day trips lunches club meetings and so on.

It is open to anyone in South Cambridgeshire and we would welcome people from other villages and in fact have members from Oakington, Cottenham, Milton and Cambridge City as well as people who live in Girton. There is no charge for membership at the moment and no likelihood of charges being made in the near future but things could change should matters beyond are control arise. Please have a look at our Facebook pages at:- https://www.facebook.com/Girton.Computer.Group see photos, information and videos of our activities also see our Countywide Wiki pages which have recently been set up for use by Champions across the County to use to pass on information swap ideas and equipment etc etc. at:- http://digitalchampions.pbworks.com/w/page/83040712/Home%20Page

People from your village would be very welcomed to visit us to see what’s what or even join us and if you wish to set up a group in your village we could help you to do that if you so wished and we might have some equipment to help you start up. We have a number of laptops for use by those who do not have their own so if anyone just wants to give the internet a try before they buy they can come along.

  1. Timebanking – are you interested in setting up a scheme in our community?

Cambridgeshire Timebanking Conference, Monday 24th November | 10.00am – 2.00pm | FREE, Somersham Victory Hall, Parkhall, Road, Somersham, Huntingdon, PE28 3HE. The event is free.  It is important to book .  To do so, please click here

Timebanking is about the simple idea that people within a community can exchange time and skills. This idea is gaining momentum in Cambridgeshire – there are five existing Timebanks, and lots of energy and ideas for the development of further Timebanks across the county. The Cambridgeshire Timebanking Partnership, have had a great deal of interest from people wanting to know more about the practicalities of Timebanking. At this conference you will have the opportunity to hear from a range of guest speakers and the chance to take part in workshops on the following ;

  • Funding potentials for Timebanks
  • Hands on guidance around safeguarding and DBS checks
  • Practical information on how to start a Timebank
  • Helpful advice for running a volunteer led Timebank
  • Finding out about the Cambridgeshire Time Credits scheme.

For more information about Timebanking take a look at the Timebanking UK website: www.timebanking.org/

In the spirit of Timebanking, we will be holding a Bring and Share Lunch to close the event, this could be a plate of sandwiches, a small quiche or a cake, all ready to serve at lunch. To make sure we have an even spread of sweet and savoury dishes we suggest the following, if your name begins with A- N please bring a savoury dish and O- Z please bring a sweet dish, we very much hope you will join in.

This event is designed for people who are interested in Timebanking or considering setting up a Timebank in their community. The primary focus for the event is Cambridgeshire with experience being shared by Cambridgeshire Timebank Coordinators. We welcome Timebank UK members from across the Eastern region to join us.

For further information contact Zoe Davidson | zoe.davidson@cambrigdeshire.gov.uk | 01223 699672

Please do share this invitation with other colleagues and organisations who may be interested.

5. South Cambs Message about Waste Services Changes

As part of planned changes to the waste service to contribute to required savings, all 180 new bin collection routes were introduced across the district at the beginning of September, with just nine households requiring a to change their collection days. As of 1 December green bin collections will also move to monthly collections for a three-month period over winter, reverting back to fortnightly collections in March. To achieve savings of £25,000, this Christmas we will also be introducing some changes to the way we would ordinarily manage collection schedules over the holiday period.  This will mean bin collections will be made earlier as well as later than usual scheduled collections and there will also be a break in collections from December 28 until January 4, with collections then returning back to normal on January 5.  This will also mean that collection schedules will return back to normal for everyone earlier than in previous years.

 Working to ensure that residents are aware of changes, leaflets will be distributed to all households across the district from the beginning of next week, just ahead of the green bins changing to monthly collections. These will be distributed by our waste collection crews and left securely through bin handles over a two week period.  Leaflets include a calendar detailing both green bin changes and changes to collections over the Christmas period.

Further information can also be found on our website on the following pages Waste and Recycling

  1. The Electoral Review of Cambridgeshire Welcomes Your Views

This review is to deliver electoral equality for voters across the county. At present, some county councillors represent many more, or many fewer, electors than their colleagues elsewhere in the county. The review aims to correct those imbalances. A 12 week public consultation period has started, during which the Commission is inviting proposals for new electoral arrangements.  The consultation will close on 19 January 2015. There is plenty more advice on our website about how you can get involved in the consultation and put your views forward. Log on to www.lgbce.org.uk to find out more. The website includes the technical guidance that explains the process and our policies as well as guidance on how to take part in each part of the process. We have set up a page on our site which is dedicated to the review of Cambridgeshire where you can find all the relevant information.

Note from DryDrayton.net. Currently we are in Bar Hill Division, which includes Dry Drayton, Girton, Bar Hill, Boxworth, Lolworth, and the unpopulated edge of Knapwell, but does not include Madingley. The population covered by our councillor for Bar Hill is pretty much at the level being proposed, with a reduction of the number of councillors from 68 to 63 – but does the current grouping of Parishes make sense? Would some other configuration make more sense?

  1. ECops warning about fraudsters conning the elderly

Please be aware we have had a report of fraudsters posing as Police Officers, calling a resident in Hardwick recently.  The individuals did not get any card details so they were not able to carry out the fraud. There were a spate of these type of offences earlier in the year around March. There are variations to the con-artists story including claims that: A criminal has been arrested with a substantial sum of money on them and a list of names and addresses, including the victim’s. Their bank is under investigation for putting fraudulent bank notes into the individual’s account. The phoney police officer then advises the victim to call their bank using a number of the back of their bank card, or the police on 101.  The victim hangs up but the caller does not and the call is terminated. As a result and without realising it, the victim starts talking to the fraudster again, believing they have called their bank or the police. Following a conversation, the offender either claims he will need to examine the victim’s bank card and will need their PIN number as it might be compromised or that they should withdraw usually at least several thousand pounds so that the ‘police’ can forensically check the bank notes as part of their investigation. The caller says he will send a courier or taxi to their home to collect the money or card.  A smartly dressed man or innocently involved courier or taxi driver will arrive at the victim’s home.  The cash or the bank card and PIN number is then taken to withdraw cash. Always remember:

  • Banks will never ask for your PIN number over the phone and you should not give it out.
  • If you are suspicious about anyone you are speaking to on the phone, hang up and ensure the line has been terminated before ringing back on an official number.
  • You should never give any bank cards or cash to anyone at your door, even if they say they are from your bank.

Report incidents in action on 999 or if it is after the event or you suspect a caller may be involved call Action Fraud on 0300 1232040. Kind regards, Rachel Carr, Crime Reduction Officer

  1. National Consumer Week, led by the Trading Standards Institute, Citizens Advice and the National Trading Standards Board between 3-7 November

Be a Good neighbour and help Stop Rogue Traders

Signs an unwanted doorstep caller is visiting a neighbour:

  • Traders have been cold calling in the area
  • A builder’s van is parked nearby, particularly one that doesn’t include a company name or contact details
  • Building or maintenance work on your neighbour’s garden or house starts unexpectedly
  • Poor quality work is visible on the roof, driveway, or property
  • Your neighbour appears anxious or distressed
  • Your neighbour visits the bank, building society, or post office more frequently, particularly if they are accompanied by a trader

What can I do?

  • Ask your neighbour in private – in person or on the phone – if things are OK
  • If they are displeased, suggest calling a relative or carer on their behalf
  • Note any vehicle registration numbers
  • Keep hold of any flyers you have received through your door
  • Ask if the trader has left any paperwork and put it in a clean food bag
  • If you suspect a crime, call the Citizens Advice consumer helpline on 03454 04 05 06 or your local trading standards office
  • If the situation with the trader becomes volatile, call the police

Are you a good neighbour? Do you want to protect vulnerable residents from rogue traders? Good Neighbours STOP Rogue Traders!

For more information, contact your local trading standards service or Citizens Advice Bureau or visit www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/ncwinfo

CONSUMERWEEK the trading standards institute NATIONAL Protecting Consumers Safeguarding Businesses NATIONAL TRADING #stoproguetraders STANDARDS http://www.tradingstandards.gov.uk/events/events-ncw.cfm

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