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Sharing Hope, Money, Development and old photos

Sharing Hope at Christmas
From Sue Wyatt: At www.drydrayton.net you will find free templates of Christmas Candles to download.  These are for anyone who wishes to colour/decorate/cut them out and put them in their windows – as mentioned in the December Dry Drayton newsletter. As the days grow shorter and we face a Christmas unlike one we’ve ever known, perhaps this is a good time to share symbols and words of hope.

Have you lost some money in the High Street?
Some money was found in the High Street on Friday morning, 27th. If yours, please contact Geoff Page and let him know what you have lost. geoffpage1@yahoo.co.uk   

Presentation on Proposed Development in the field near Warrington’s Farm, Park Street
This is on the Agenda for the Parish Council On-line Meeting on Tuesday 1st December. For details see the agenda at: www.drydraytonpc.org.uk

Dry Drayton in old photographs
The archive of old photos of Dry Drayton continues to grow, but we would love to add more. If you have any old photos of the village, or of Dry Drayton folks, which you are willing to share, please see www.drydraytonpost.co.uk/history.asp

Crime, Safety, Old Photos, Diary dates

Crime and Staying Safe
In these difficult times, when we are all intent on looking out for each other, it is worth remembering that there are still people out there committing offences, so stay alert. Two nights ago someone entered the back garden of a house in Pettitts Lane and stripped all the remaining fruit from the apple trees there. We are also being warned by Neighbourhood Watch to be on our guard for con men and rogue traders pretending to be local council officers offering loft insulation. There is information about dealing with cold callers here: www.drydrayton.net/nwatch.asp .  Neighbourhood Watch are also offering some useful advice on how to take care online, by protecting your passwords in 3 easy steps: www.ourwatch.org.uk/passwords

Dry Drayton in old pictures
We are pleased to see that there have been a number of visits to our local history pages. We now have over 100 old photographs of the village online and would very much like to increase this number. If you have any old photographs of the village which you are willing to share, we would love to hear from you. More information is here www.drydrayton.net/history.asp

December / January Village Newsletter
The deadline for items for the December / January Dry Drayton Village Newsletter is 20 November. Send your material to drydraytonnews@gmail.com

Next Parish Council meeting
This will be on Tues 1st December. After recent local consultation, there will be a presentation on a proposed development on Green Belt land in Park Street.

Village News, VH AGM, Development, Diary Dates

1. Dry Drayton Village Hall Annual General Meeting.

Confirmation of Dry Drayton Village Hall AGM. This meeting will take place on Friday 18th September at 6:30pm as originally planned. However, to comply with the government’s direction on Covid as regards the maximum number of people meeting, it can no longer be held in the Marquee and instead it will take place online. The access link can be requested from the treasurer at ddvhtreasurer@gmail.com.

2. Proposed development in the village

See www.drydrayton.net for a report about a proposal for a developmen in the Green Belt, put before the Parish Council this week.

3. Suspicious characters

While we are all remaining alert to the Virus, it is also worth staying alert to other issues. Crime doesn’t stop for a pandemic and a resident noticed in the village the other day, two men in their 30s/40s casually dressed, untidy hair and tanned complexion “Acting rather oddly. Walking separately and peering into drives… looked for all the world as if they were looking for houses to get into”. If you see anything suspicious, notify Neighbourhood Watch or Cambs Police (phone 101, or 999 if it is an emergency, or report online at www.cambs.police.uk).

4. Parish Councillor Vacancy.

Interested in joining the Parish Council? Contact the Chair, Simon Lander, cllr.lander@drydraytonpc.org.uk for further information

5. Diary Dates

Deadline for next village newsletter: Sunday 20th September – please send to drydraytonnews@gmail.com
Next Parish Council Meeting: Tues 6 October 7.30pm – virtual meeting, access details will be on the agenda at www.drydraytonpc.org.uk

The Village Plan

There was a point last week where I didn’t think I’d be writing another entry to this blog. In fact the way that a dark blue Seat overtook four cars coming towards Dry Drayton along the Madingley Road on a completely blind bend may have left more than one of us unable to do anything at all! This road is potentially lethal as you cannot see round the bends through the hedgerows and as it still attracts large vehicles and idiot fast drivers who overtake on bends. The only safe thing to do is to keep your own speed down and be prepared for the unexpected on every bend.

Anyway – enough moaning – on to the two exciting developments in the village this week. First the grass has been cut again at long last. But of far more significance is the arrival with our June Newsletter of the first draft of the Dry Drayton Village Plan, prepared by Neil Harris, Nick Irish and Roger Swain. There are some interesting and no doubt controversial proposals contained therein – especially on allowing the village to grow by 50%, encroaching on the hallowed greenbelt, and introducing a range of attractive new ideas which will no doubt lead to an increase in the Parish precept. There is much to commend the draft plan, which will no doubt lead to a greener and more interesting Dry Drayton. The writers are seeking our views from now until 1st September – you can contribute to the debate by giving feedback on this item or contacting the writers – their e-mails are in the draft document – if you need another copy of the document, it can be downloaded from www.drydrayton.net

Before the cut

Before the cut..