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DryDrayton.net Village E-mail, crime and other info

Dear All,

Burglaries in Dry Drayton

We were notified yesterday by E-cops that the following crimes had occurred in the village: Between 3rd January 2015 00:00 and 4th January 2015 10:00 a dwelling burglary took place in Oakington Road, Dry Drayton. Entry was gained in the property by forcing ground floor UPVC window to open. Nothing discovered as missing. On the 15th of January between 21:10 and 23:16, a burglary in a building took place in Scotland Road, Dry Drayton. Perpetrator(s) have gained entry into a building by forcing the door to open; various containers of supplements at high value were taken.

Burns Night

All tickets have now been sold

Another crime Warning

There have been a number of recent house burglaries in villages around Cambridge where car keys have been taken and used to steal valuable cars from the drive, BMWs and Audis in particular. Do take precautions to make sure any vehicle keys are not within easy reach of doors or windows especially on the ground floor, keep them somewhere secure, or take them upstairs with you at night.

No Village Coffee Morning

For your diary – the regular Thursday village coffee morning will be cancelled on 12th FEBRUARY, due to the hall being used that day for a County Council by-election, following the sad death of John Reynolds

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What’s Occurring Traffic-wise in Dry Drayton?

Philip Morley writes to ask: “Something is puzzling me and I wonder whether other people who look at your site may be able to shed some light on the matter. 

Why has the volume of traffic suddenly increased, in both directions, coming through the village? Where are people going when they leave the A14 at our junction?

Maybe you could ask people for their views. Quite apart from the constant noise, the traffic is often speeding.”

So – what’s occurring? Has Dry Drayton suddenly become popular on TomTom as a rat run between the A14 and A428? Is there something here attracting more people – like more beerfests? Is this what you get when you publish your Village Plan? Are more funerals taking the scenic route back to Cambridge from the Crem? Have Tescos posted a new map showing the route to their appalling emporium? Or is this all a figment of Philip’s imagination?

Missing in action

A local landmark has disappeared from the Village Green. Did anybody see thepassing of the old red phone box? Is this a permanent loss? A sign of the times at BT gets rid of its last remaining uneconomic community focused facilities? The other box is still in place on the Oakington Road.

Where once the red phone box stood

Where once the red phone box stood

Put Dry Drayton On The Map

Should we be making the effort to put Dry Drayton on the map?

There are a couple of things going on at the moment that we could be participating in.

Is anyone entering the draw to become a Plinther? Win a place and you can stand for an hour on the Fourth Plinth on Trafalgar Square and during your hour of fame you could advertise little old Dry Drayton – Centre of the Universe. Interested? You can find the links at www.plinthers.com

A plinther at 8am today 14 July 2009

A plinther at 8am today 14 July 2009

The other great national opportunity is to take part in The Big Lunch on 19th July 2009 – the organisers hope to get all 61 million Britons outside for a great street party with their neighbours. Could we do that again? We did it for one of the Queen’s Jubilees. Or is once in a lifetime often enough for Dry Drayton Street Parties? Find out all about The Big Lunch at www.thebiglunch.com

It’s all over for another year

Dry Drayton Feast Week is over for another year. Superb weather for most of the week must surely have made this a Feast Week to remember. The webmaster was away in even sunnier climes and so missed all the fun. Would anyone be prepared to write up a few lines about the different events?

We are most grateful to Rob Howard for the photographs below of Feast Week Fete.

Dry Drayton, Madingley, Cambridge route

A campaign has been started to improve cycle facilities between Bar Hill, Dry Drayton, Madingley and Cambridge.

In the meantime something needs to be done to improve safety for cyclists on this route. Between Dry Drayton and Madingley and between Madingley and Cambridge there are several blind bends, poor road surfaces and crumbling road edges. On most occasions when driving along this route you can expect to encounter between 2 and 6 cyclists. Given the nature of the road, motorists need to leave a minimum of 6 feet between themselves and a cyclist when overtaking. So why is it that whenever you travel this route and drive at 40mph, a safe speed for the circumstances, there is always some clown wanting to overtake and drive at 60 mph?

Shouldn’t there be a clear 40mph speed limit on this route? Dry Drayton residents can help keep traffic speed down by driving at 40mph themselves.

Let’s hope the new campaign for the cycleway brings about the desired effect. Good luck to the campaign.

Second day of Village Open Gardens

The second day of the Village Open Gardens was a great success. Congratulations to the organisers and to all the friendly residents who opened their gardens. We are reliably informed that the weekend made over £1425 towards the Church restoration. Brilliant.

Foxgloves in a Dry Drayton garden

Foxgloves in a Dry Drayton garden















What a peaceful place to sit

What a peaceful place to sit