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The Black Horse, traffic, broadband etc

  1. Saving the Black Horse

    If you missed the last public meeting on 4th August you can watch the key highlights on video on the campaign’s website at https://www.savetheblackhorse.co.uk/ and you can pledge your support on the site and see the current level of fundraising achieved.

    2. Dry Drayton Village Newsletter

    The deadline for September’s Dry Drayton Newsletter is this Sunday, 20 August. Send your material to the Editors at drydraytonnews@gmail.com .

    3. Strawberry 50 community cycling event.

    The Strawberry 50 Community Cycling event will be taking place on Sunday 3rd September 2017 between 9am and 3pm. The event consists of two distance rides of 55 and 28 miles and the route passes through Dry Drayton twice. The route through the village passes along Oakington Road and the Dry Drayton to Madingley Road in both directions, so please drive slowly and expect lots of cycles on both roads. Route signage will be put up on Saturday 2nd September and taken down by the following Sunday evening. Full event information is available at www.strawberry50k.co.uk . If you have any query please do contact Neil Davies, Strwaberry 50 Organising Committee, on 07502 372852

    4. Swifts in Dry Drayton.

    The Pettitts Close Swift Project has been very successful this year – there is an update at DryDrayton.net .

    5. Broadband problems in Dry Drayton

    The Rural Services Network recently posted the top 5 questions they recveive on Broadband in rural areas. One of these was: “The council keeps announcing new areas to get superfast broadband but it never gets to our house?” If this sounds familiar to you here in Dry Drayton, here is their answer: “Councils are working with BT and alternative network providers like Gigaclear to fill in the gaps left by earlier phases of the broadband roll out project. The contracts BT signed stipulated that money had to be paid back to local councils when connections reach 40% of properties. Councils revisit the areas that were too difficult the first time around and see if they have become more viable by using different technology, or increased demand. Keep contacting your local council’s broadband team and raise the issue with elected members, the greater the visibility of your problem, the more likely it is that a solution will be found.” So if you are still unable to get superfast broadband, despite Dry Drayton being ticked as fibre enabled, then contact the Connecting Cambridgeshire project team Home – Connecting Cambridgeshire and let them know your problem.


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Interested in Cycling in the Cambridge Area

These two short works made by local young film-makers may be of interest:

We We Ride

Pinch Point

The films raise lots of questions about familiar issues about cycling in the city.

Dry Drayton, Madingley, Cambridge route

A campaign has been started to improve cycle facilities between Bar Hill, Dry Drayton, Madingley and Cambridge.

In the meantime something needs to be done to improve safety for cyclists on this route. Between Dry Drayton and Madingley and between Madingley and Cambridge there are several blind bends, poor road surfaces and crumbling road edges. On most occasions when driving along this route you can expect to encounter between 2 and 6 cyclists. Given the nature of the road, motorists need to leave a minimum of 6 feet between themselves and a cyclist when overtaking. So why is it that whenever you travel this route and drive at 40mph, a safe speed for the circumstances, there is always some clown wanting to overtake and drive at 60 mph?

Shouldn’t there be a clear 40mph speed limit on this route? Dry Drayton residents can help keep traffic speed down by driving at 40mph themselves.

Let’s hope the new campaign for the cycleway brings about the desired effect. Good luck to the campaign.