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The Black Horse, traffic, broadband etc

  1. Saving the Black Horse

    If you missed the last public meeting on 4th August you can watch the key highlights on video on the campaign’s website at https://www.savetheblackhorse.co.uk/ and you can pledge your support on the site and see the current level of fundraising achieved.

    2. Dry Drayton Village Newsletter

    The deadline for September’s Dry Drayton Newsletter is this Sunday, 20 August. Send your material to the Editors at drydraytonnews@gmail.com .

    3. Strawberry 50 community cycling event.

    The Strawberry 50 Community Cycling event will be taking place on Sunday 3rd September 2017 between 9am and 3pm. The event consists of two distance rides of 55 and 28 miles and the route passes through Dry Drayton twice. The route through the village passes along Oakington Road and the Dry Drayton to Madingley Road in both directions, so please drive slowly and expect lots of cycles on both roads. Route signage will be put up on Saturday 2nd September and taken down by the following Sunday evening. Full event information is available at www.strawberry50k.co.uk . If you have any query please do contact Neil Davies, Strwaberry 50 Organising Committee, on 07502 372852

    4. Swifts in Dry Drayton.

    The Pettitts Close Swift Project has been very successful this year – there is an update at DryDrayton.net .

    5. Broadband problems in Dry Drayton

    The Rural Services Network recently posted the top 5 questions they recveive on Broadband in rural areas. One of these was: “The council keeps announcing new areas to get superfast broadband but it never gets to our house?” If this sounds familiar to you here in Dry Drayton, here is their answer: “Councils are working with BT and alternative network providers like Gigaclear to fill in the gaps left by earlier phases of the broadband roll out project. The contracts BT signed stipulated that money had to be paid back to local councils when connections reach 40% of properties. Councils revisit the areas that were too difficult the first time around and see if they have become more viable by using different technology, or increased demand. Keep contacting your local council’s broadband team and raise the issue with elected members, the greater the visibility of your problem, the more likely it is that a solution will be found.” So if you are still unable to get superfast broadband, despite Dry Drayton being ticked as fibre enabled, then contact the Connecting Cambridgeshire project team Home – Connecting Cambridgeshire and let them know your problem.


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DryDrayton.net Village E-Mails: Traffic, Family History, Broadband and Feast Week

Dear All,

  1. Local Traffic Issues

For those of you who are keen to learn the latest news on local traffic issues – there is a public meeting of Madingley Parish Council tomorrow evening, Tuesday 9th June, commencing at 7pm at which there will be discussion about: the local configuration of the new A14 layout, road closures, congestion, park and ride for Cambridge and public transport. Linked from here is a paper for discussion on all of this, tabled by Edward Byam-Cook, the Chair of Madingley Parish Council. Clearly the issues being discussed will have an impact on Dry Drayton – so if you want to be “in the know” – 7pm Tuesday 9th June at Madingley Village Hall.

  1. Family History Query

Know anything about the Huddlestone Family in Dry Drayton ? see http://www.drydrayton.net/huddlestone.asp

  1. Super-Fast Broadband Disappointment in Dry Drayton  

Local cabinets may now have fibre optics, but this is not yet bringing any tangible benefits to Dry Drayton – read about it here http://www.drydrayton.net/broadband.asp

  1. Dry Drayton Feast Week – Events

From Diane Harris:

High Tea, Friday 3 July,  5 – 7 pm in the Village Hall:  Book now for a unique Feast Week event!  Dry Drayton is hosting “High Tea with the Hombrechtikon Ladies’ Swiss Choir” on Friday the 3d of July, from 5 – 7 pm in the Village Hall.  Former Dry Drayton resident and sparkling soprano, Rachel Gardner, will be visiting Dry Drayton, accompanied by the ladies of the Hombrechtikon Ladies’ Swiss Choir, to which she now belongs in Zurich.  The ladies have expressed a desire to experience a real English high tea.  In exchange, they will perform a few songs, and may even teach us ‘De Pantoffelheld’, a Swiss dialect drinking song, that requires a glass of sparkling wine!  Cakes, sandwiches, tea and (of course) sparkling wine will be served.  Tickets are £7.50 and must be booked in advance, as spaces are limited.  To book, please email da_harris_2000@yahoo.co.uk.

Fun Run, Tuesday 29 June, 6:30 pm at the school:  Don’t miss the traditional Fun Run & Walk through the village, followed by a BBQ hosted by the Black Horse Pub, on Tuesday the 30th of June, starting at 6:30 pm at the school.  Entries cost £2.50, and can be paid for in advance by emailing da_harris_2000@yahoo.co.uk, or you can enter on the night (try to arrive a little early so you can complete the entry form).  

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DryDrayton.net Village E-Mails. Broadband, Annual Parish Meeting etc

Dear All,

Super Fast Broadband now available in Dry Drayton
We have just been informed by the Connecting Cambridgeshire Project that the cabinets in Dry Drayton are now live and that super-fast broadband can be ordered. But – an enquiry a few minutes ago to get connected with TalkTalk resulted in the message that they haven’t yet been notified of this. Perhaps it will take a day or two for the information to work through the system.

Dry Drayton Annual Parish Meeting
This will take place on Tuesday 19th May 2015, commencing at 7.00pm, refreshments at 6.45pm, in the Village Hall. The agenda is on the Parish Council’s new website at www.drydraytonpc.org.uk

DD Neighbourhood Watch
The Village Neighbourhood Watch scheme needs a couple of new members for the High Street Area. Are you willing to do your bit to help keep us all safe? To find out more, please contact Graham Carver on 01954 781806

Speed Safety in Dry Drayton
Are you concerned about vehicles speeding in our village. Willing to do some volunteering to help reduce speeding locally? Speedwatch is explained here : http://www.cambs.police.uk/roadsafety/speedwatch/ . One more volunteer is needed to start a Speedwatch project in Dry Drayton. If you are willing to help, please contact Graham Carver on 01954 781806.

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www.DryDrayton.net  is the community website for Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire

DryDrayton.net Village News, Broadband, Jazz, Coffee, etc

Dear All, 

  1. Super fast broadband for Dry Drayton

This crept a stage closer last weekend with the successful laying of the fibre optic cabling beside the A14. More work is being done on local cabinets before a brief commissioning period, then go-live. Go-live is still scheduled to take place before the end of June, but the latest news may mean a couple of weeks shaving off that date.  We will keep you posted.

2. Village Hall  Jazz Evening

DRY DRAYTON VILLAGE HALL MANAGEMENT COMMITTTEE PRESENT – Village Hall Jazz Evening, Saturday 16th May 2015 7:00 for 7:30pm.

Singer Ruth Wilman with Mike Quigley and the Jazz Wave band. Easy listening music – popular standards from the great American songbook and mainstream jazz.

TICKETS NOW ON SALE. NOTE: ticket sales CLOSE on 9th May. This was a very popular event last year so you are strongly advised to purchase your tickets in good time as numbers will be limited. Tickets at £12.50 per person available from Marlene and Fred Northrop, 28 Pettitt’s Lane 01954 789525 or treasurer@drydraytonvillagehall.org.uk (cheques to ‘Dry Drayton Village Hall’ please) meal provided – bring your own drinks. A raffle will be held during the evening – prizes will be welcomed. Proceeds from the evening for further improvements to the Village Hall.

  1. Annual Parish Meeting

This will take place on Tuesday 19th May 2015, commencing at 7.00pm, refreshments at 6.45pm, in the Village Hall. The agenda is on the Parish Council’s new website at www.drydraytonpc.org.uk

 4. Village Coffee Morning – Election Day

Anne Deane writes: “village coffee will be taking place on the morning of Thursday 7th May after all. We are unable to hold it in the Village Hall, because of its being used as a Polling Station for the General Election. However, the church has very kindly stepped in and offered do coffee in the Parish Church that morning instead – and I understand that they will also be doing tea and cakes from about 3.00pm in the afternoon, so that parents and children can pop in after school”.

 5. Dry Drayton Village Newsletters

A local resident had an amazing find last week of old issues of Dry Drayton Village Newsletters. This enabled us to add several issues to the run of these held in the Cambridgeshire Collection. We are still missing around 40 of the earlier issues. You can see which ones have been deposited and which are missing on the village website at: http://www.drydrayton.net/newsletter.asp  If you are having a clear-out or spring cleaning the loft and you come across any old copies of the newsletter, please let us know.

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www.DryDrayton.net  is the community website for Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire


Village E-mails: traffic, speed, Bag2School, Broadband and the Art Group.

Dear fellow villagers,

Dry Drayton Speedwatch 

Are you concerned about vehicles speeding in our village. Willing to do some volunteering to help reduce speeding locally? Speedwatch is explained here : http://www.cambs.police.uk/roadsafety/speedwatch/  If you would like to find out more about Speedwatch in Dry Drayton, please contact Graham Carver on 01954 781806

 Dry Drayton Bag2School Collection – It’s this week –

Twice a year, in March and October, The Dry Drayton School & Village Association arranges a collection of second-hand clothing for the Bag2School scheme, in order to raise funds. We achieve an average of £300 each time. The next collection will take place during the morning of Thursday 19th March. Clean, good quality second-hand adults’ and children’s clothing, shoes, bags, belts, hats, ties, scarves, jewellery, lingerie and soft toys are all welcome. The following items, however, are unfortunately no longer accepted:-

Pillows and cushions

Duvets, bedding, blankets, household linen

Carpets, rugs and mats (including bath, shower and toilet mats)



Soiled, painted, ripped or wet clothing

School uniforms

Corporate clothing and workwear

Textile off cuts, yarns or threaded material

You should soon be receiving a special Bag2School bag through your door – but any other kind of bag can also be used, so you can carry on collecting throughout the year! The heavier the bags are the better, as Bag2School pay us per kilo… Please could all shoes be paired up, with an elastic band round them or else with the laces tied.

Please bring all bags – big and small – to the School, or leave them outside the Village Hall, as early in the morning on the 19th as you can. Collection may also be possible if you are unable to deliver. Please contact Anne Deane, the village Bag2School co-ordinator, on 01954 789622 or 07718 305141 for more information or to discuss collection. She also has plenty of additional Bag2school bags available, if you need them.

Another Bag2School collection is being planned for 8th October.

Look out – more scams, viruses etc

Most days something arrives in the e-mail box which is an obvious scam and a candidate for immediate deletion. There was one today which was a bit more subtle than most, purporting to come from the DVLA and asking me to fill in an online form to get back a refund on an earlier transaction. It all looked fairly official and believable, but the link in the message didn’t go to a government site but to somewhere obscure. Don’t be fooled by it – delete and don’t click on the link in the message.

Super Fast Broadband in Dry Drayton – Update

They say we are still on for phase five of the project, March to June 2015.  See www.drydrayton.net/broadband.asp  for updates as they arrive.

Dry Drayton Art Group

Open to all – a Demonstration In Pastels by John Glover, professional portrait artist, at Dry Drayton Village Hall Tuesday 24th March at 7.30. Tickets £7 including wine / soft drink and nibbles, contact Roger Goodden 01223 235055 or Jean Stevens 01954 210542.

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www.DryDrayton.net  is the community website for Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire


DryDrayton.net Village E-Mail 16th Dec 14

Delays to Super-Fast Broadband in Dry Drayton

Sorry, but the latest news is not as we had hoped. The last thing we heard was that Dec 2014 was likely go-live for Dry Drayton. However, roadworks on the A14 have held up the laying of fibre optics and the latest info is now that our cabinets will be upgraded between March and June 2015. Our page on the Connecting Cambridgeshire website http://www.connectingcambridgeshire.co.uk/parish/dry-drayton/ has been updated to this effect in the last hour.

Meanwhile, among the silver surfers at Pettitts Close, current speeds are 9.12 Mbps download and 0.87 Mbps upload.

Burglaries – E-Cops have sent this advice on security etc

They have added a new home security guide to their blog which contains recommendations for security devices and tips for making your home safe. Read their home security guide here: http://southcambscops.org/2014/12/19/southcambscops-home-security-guide/ Operation Oaklands is taking place across South Cambs. This is a rolling campaign to tackle domestic burglary and shed burglary. Officers will be visiting a new village each week to offer residents home security advice and show them some inexpensive home security devices. Their blog will be updated each month with Operation Oaklands information. Here is where they will be over the next few weeks: http://southcambscops.org/2014/12/03/operation-oaklands-phase-two-tackling-crime-across-south-cambs/

20 mph Speed Limits in Cambridge

Cambridge City Council is consulting on plans to extend 20 mph speed limits across West Cambridge – read all about it here: https://www.cambridge.gov.uk/20mph-speed-limit-south-west-and-central-phase-consultation

Information from UK Power Networks about power cuts

Ever wondered how a vulnerable customer in your community would cope during a power cut?

Power cuts don’t happen very often these days and it’s UK Power Networks’ job to ensure it stays that way. But if there’s a power cut, have you wondered how your residents would cope?

UK Power Networks have a Priority Service Register, for those who may need extra support during a power cut. Residents will receive:

✔ A priority number that they can call 24 hours a day if they have a power cut

✔ Regular text message or phone updates during a power cut

✔ A welcome booklet

✔ Extra support from the British Red Cross to visit their home during an emergency (we’ll check with them first)

They are working hard to raise awareness of a new number to call during a power cut (0800 31 63 105) and to encourage eligible customers to sign up to the Priority Services Register so they can get them the support they need.They have produced a range of resources for print and web to help reach as many people as possible. They can all be downloaded from their website here

Download Get Ready for Winter campaign resources

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults

Cambridgeshire’s Adult Safeguarding Team have published the latest issue of their Safeguarding Adults and Mental Capacity Act newsletter which can be downloaded from the County Council’s website. It includes useful information and updates for people who use services, families and carers, the general public, and professionals who work with vulnerable adults. If this is of interest to you, you can download the newsletter here:


The Stray cat –

We advertised a stray cat in the last e-mail – cat lovers will be pleased to know that the owner has been found.

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Latest Village Email

Content of the latest DryDrayton.net Village E-mail – contact webmaster@drydrayton.net to subscribe or unsubscribe.

1. Next Village Newsletter

 Just a reminder that news items for the next Village Newsletter should be with Sylvia (sylviapryer@aol.com) by 22 January please.

 2. Broadband Internet Access.

 Congratulations to those covered by Madingley Exchange (Some parts of the village near Scotland Farm & in Madingley Road). After a brilliantly run campaign the Madingley Exchange won a place in the top 6 exchanges in the country in the recent BT Race to Infinity competition for early introduction of a new high speed broadband service. Caxton Exchange was also in the top 6 nationally. The winning exchanges will be enabled in early 2012 subject to what BT say is “availability, survey, terms and conditions”. By and large the more apathetic subscribers in the Crafts Hill exchange area (most of us in Dry Drayton) didn’t vote in the competition and will have to wait our turn as the new system is rolled out nationally.

 3. Crime and Policing

 Cambridgeshire Constabulary PCSO 7009 Bujar Mani wanted to remind you that he will be holding a police surgery next week on Wednesday 19th Jan between 10:00 and 12:00, This surgery will be held at the usual place at Bar Hill Parish Council Office. There is an invitation to go along and talk about any issues there might be in the village.

For your information below are the four most recent crimes in and near the village recorded on the police website.

15/12/2010 17:30-17/12/2010 07:00 Hill View, Attempted to gain entry to garage by forcing the lock.

08/12/2010 17:00-05/01/2011 08:00 Cambridge Rd Madingley, forced lock and removed heating oil from tank

15/11/2010 08:00-17/11/2010 14:00 St. Neots Rd, Offenders entered office and took safe and contents

12/11/2010 15:15-12/11/2010 18:30 Park Street, rear window forced and rooms searched and jewellery and money stolen

 4. TV Digital Changeover

 Cambridgeshire ACRE is supporting the local roll-out of the TV Switchover Help Scheme which aims to help people to understand the changes to how our television signal will be received from the end of March 2011 onwards. The analogue signal will be switched off and replaced with a digital signal that you will need special equipment to receive. They need local volunteers to help raise awareness and make sure no one misses out on the help that is available to make the necessary changes. They are looking for people who are willing to make use of their local connections, knowledge and networks to spread the word. If you think you could help the message reach some of the most vulnerable people in our communities please read on and return a completed ‘Volunteer Form’ to be invited to a training event which is taking place on 27 January at the Cambridge Development Centre. Please note, they are looking for volunteers across, East Cambridge, Fenland, South Cambridge, Huntingdon and Cambridge City.

The ACRE contact is Edward Aniskowicz, Community Project Assistant, Cambridgeshire ACRE, 32 Main Street, Littleport, Cambridgeshire, CB6 1PJ, edward.aniskowicz@cambsacre.org.uk , Main Switchboard: 01353 860850

 5. Village Pub

 Roger Swain writes to say, “This may be common knowledge, but 2011 sees new landlords in our local………Gary & Denise. Gary tells me he has run bars in London, so knows the ropes. First impressions are encouraging. I gather he intends to re-open on Mondays & Tuesdays. Gary needs to re-build the business & regain support from the community……….but the community also needs to show its support for one of the few facilities we’ve got here. So get down there & give it a go. Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested.” Later he added, “I’m informed that for the time being the pub is open on Monday/Tuesday lunchtimes only i.e. not those evenings”.

 6. Housing Needs Survey Report

 “To fulfil all current and immediate housing needs in Dry Drayton, eighteen new affordable homes need to be built.” This is the recommendation of The Cambridgeshire ACRE Housing Needs Survey Report for Dry Drayton, which is now available at www.drydrayton.net .

 7. Indian food delivered to the village on Thursdays – a new service

 Just before Christmas, at the Mill Road Winter Fair, we came across Cadwins Of Cambridgeshire, who provide home-made Indian curries that utilise organic ingredients that are, where possible, locally produced, in association With Cambridge Organic Food Company. Each week they see what is available and create an Indian meal that they offer to their customers. The meals change each week depending on what is available. Normally they send out their menu via email for the week on a Friday and customers email them with their confirmed orders by Monday evening. Your Organic Indian meal is delivered to your door in Dry Drayton, chilled and with heating instructions on Thursday evening. If you want to learn more, contact cadwins@hotmail.co.uk  or call Sudesh 07814303885.