Bad News for Local Walkers, Cyclists and Riders

Dry Drayton Non Motorised Users’ track

The project to build a non motorised users’ track for walkers and cyclists joining the village to the tracks alongside the A1307 has suffered a major setback. Although approved by the County Council in 2019, negotiations on funding and implementation have delayed the project. Now National Highways have decided not to part fund this and other projects in a programme (NMU2) of additional NMUs connected with the A14 improvements. 

Meanwhile, because of its inclusion in the now defunct NMU2 programme, the Dry Drayton track has been omitted from the wider Greater Cambridge Greenways Project connecting local villages to the wider Cambridgeshire off-road network. 

Dry Drayton Parish Council have repeatedly given assurances that their financial contribution to the project remains in place, but clearly additional funding will now have to be found if this track is to be built alongside Oakington Road. Meanwhile there is no safe traffic-free connection to and from Cambridge on a route which has already claimed the life of one cyclist. 

The NMU track will be discussed at the next Parish Council meeting at the Village Hall on Tuesday 7 March 2023 at 7.00pm. If you have comments on the need for this track and/or suggestions for future action, you might wish to ensure that the Parish Council ( ) is aware of your views. If you intend to attend the Parish Council Meeting be aware that the only opportunity to speak is usually right at the start of the meeting. (7.00pm. not the usual 7.30 start)

Background to the project can be found here:

UPDATE 6 March 2023

Grant Weller (Team Leader – Project Delivery – Cambridgeshire County Council) will be the guest speaker at the Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 7 March (7pm Village Hall). He will be giving an update on the proposed Non-Motorised User (NMU) track connecting the village to the A1307 and on improvements at ‘The Drift’. A briefing paper is available here: on the various NMU projects, programs and funding bids, made to date. The proposed Dry Drayton track, costing around £300k, is now mainly unfunded after National Highways have decided not to fund it and a number of other similar projects. This is your opportunity to show the Parish Council the importance of this project to residents.


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