Dry Drayton Parish Boundary Walk 2023.

From Alec Hawkes –

Based on the ancient custom of Beating the Bounds we plan to walk the Parish Boundaries on Saturday 24th June. In England the tradition is centuries old, dating from at least Anglo-Saxon times.

This will be the 5th Boundary Walk since we revived the tradition and this year we will go around the parish in an anticlockwise direction. The full walk is approximately 10 miles and there will be several rest stops and a place for a picnic lunch. There are also a few easy exit points for those that wish to take a shorter route home.

More than half of the Parish Boundary falls on private land and we have permission from the relevant land owners that will allow us to follow the boundary as closely as possible. We will travel along paths and through woods normally closed to the public. We wish to thank Messrs Chivers, Jenkins and Peck for kindly granting this once in a year access to their private land.

Anyone who would like more information or to register their wish to participate should send an email to: boundarywalk@gmail.com or text 07709 584207.


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