Dry Drayton Boundary Walk

Dear All,
Alec Hawkes is organising a 2020 Dry Drayton Boundary Walk, which, as the name implies, will involve walking the whole of the Dry Drayton Parish Boundary (around 10 miles). The walk is based on the ancient custom of “Beating the Bounds”. In England the tradition is centuries old, dating from at least Anglo-Saxon times and would have been held in Dry Drayton on Rogation Sunday. It was the custom to walk the geographic boundaries of a locality, to maintain collective memory of the precise location of these boundaries.

This year the walk will go clockwise around the boundary and will be organised to ensure appropriate social distancing. Household groups will set of at timed intervals, but “overtaking” can be arranged during the walk as required.

 The 2020 walk will take place on Saturday July 4th, meeting at the north end of High Street at 9.30am.

 Photographs from the 2019 Boundary Walk can be seen here:

Boundary Walk 2019


For further information and to let Alec know if you intend to take part, please e-mail


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