A14, Village Hall, Charlie Baker, Parish Council

Major changes to the A14 will impact on Dry Drayton residents.

At 5am next Monday, 11 November, there will be a series of changes to the A14 locally, which will last until January 2020 and are likely to cause you problems.

Highways England explain the changes here: http://ow.ly/B81v50wYNuj  and have provided a map here: http://ow.ly/DMe350wYNui .

Suffice it to say that all Westbound traffic wanting to get to Bar Hill will be exiting at Dry Drayton and crossing the A14 on the Dry Drayton Bridge. If you want to leave Dry Drayton and use the A14 to travel Eastbound you will have to cross the A14 and use the new local road to reach the Bar Hill intersection where you can join the A14. If you want to leave Dry Drayton and take the A14 Westbound you will either have to use the local road to Bar Hill as above and join the A14 there, or travel towards Cambridge on the A1307 past the Crematorium and join the A14 at the Girton entry slip.

One omission from the Highways England map is that there will be traffic lights at the top and bottom of the “Jug Handle” curved road connecting to the B1050 in the middle of their map.

We have enquired of Highways England when they will finish surfacing the last section of the A1307 at Girton, which will allow us to drive from Dry Drayton to Cambridge without using the A14. This apparently is unlikely to be finished before March 2020.

Village Hall Management

Just to flag up the need for a new slate of Committee Members if our Village Hall is to continue to function. See Dry Drayton Community Web site home page  or P9 of the November Village Newsletter for details.

Do you remember Charlie and Ada Baker?

Do you remember Charlie Baker and his family, formerly residents of Pettitts Lane? One of Charlie’s descendants is putting together their family history and would welcome any memories or copies of any photos you might have. See DryDrayton.net  for details

Forthcoming Parish Council Meetings

Tuesday 12 November 2019 at 8pm. (to be confirmed and for minutes of last meeting see Home – Dry Drayton Parish Council )
Tuesday 10 December 2019 at 8pm.


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