Helen Ballantyne; Madingley Parish Council Proposals

 1. Re Helen Ballantyne, Hill View

 The funeral of Helen Ballantyne, of Hill View, Dry Drayton will take place on Monday 17 June at the parish church at 12 noon.

 2. Madingley Parish Council Proposals

The June 2019 issue of “Madingley News” sets out three specific proposals from MPC, centred around Madingley, aimed at creating a network of Rural Greenways, connecting the City of Cambridge to the parishes of Girton, Dry Drayton, Coton and Bar Hill. Three specific projects are:

a. Turning The Avenue into a Non-Motorised Route

b. Reconnecting footpaths and bridleways

c. Mitigation measures on Dry Drayton Road.

 (The June 2019 issue of Madingley News will be available soon on the Madingley Parish Council’s Website)

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