Parish Council Survey, strategic planning and a good day out

Dear All,

  1. Your Parish Council still wants to hear from you

The Parish Council is still open for your comments on their mini village survey, until close of play on 25th November. Collated comments will then be considered at the next Parish Council Meeting on Tuesday 20th December. The questions are listed on page 8 of the November Dry Drayton Village Newsletter) and relate to introducing CCTV into the village, planning issues especially regarding new housing near the school, preventing dog fouling and how the Parish Council communicates. You can e-mail your responses to the questions to the Parish Clerk and/or to Councillor Sylvia Pryer , or if you prefer, you can complete the questionnaire online at the Village Website

2. Minutes of the last Parish Council Meeting

The draft minutes of the November meeting of the Dry Drayton Parish Council are now available on the Parish Council’s website – The minutes include a discussion on a more strategic approach to planning issues in future – you might like to read this before completing the mini village survey question on planning.

3. A good day out in Cambridge 3 Dec.

And if you fancy a good day out, the Mill Road Winter Fair is fast approaching. It takes place at Mill Road, Cambridge from 10.30am to 4.30pm on Saturday 3 December 2016. Mill Road is closed from East Road to Coleridge Road, meaning that everyone can enjoy the day in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. The sight of thousands of people calmly flowing up and down the road has to be seen to be believed. The Fair is known for its special charm and atmosphere with over 10,000 people participating in different ways and enjoying all that the Mill Road area has to offer. Full details are here:


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