Cycling into Cambridge

The BHDDMadCycle campaign’s website has been updated to show the considerable progress being made towards a safer cycling route into Cambridge through Madingley.

This is not just a matter of convenience, but has a real life saving potential.

As a regular user of the Dry Drayton to Madingley road, and the road from Madingley to Madingley Hill, I am continually amazed by the inconsiderate and dangerous driving of those who feel it is safe to round blind bends, ignore dips with blind spots and overtake cyclists on this narrow country lane at speeds in excess of 50mph. Two of these crazies, travelling in different directions can meet on a blind bend at a closing speed of over 100mph, and clearly don’t give a fig for any poor cyclist who happens to be there. I’ve seen wobbling cyclists overtaken by cars at 50 mph with all of six inches clearance. It is a daily miracle that there are not more injuries on these roads.

The sooner that a new route for cyclists can be found the better. Drivers can then just get on with injuring each other. A new cycle track and a 40mph speed limit might be an even better solution.

We wish the BHDDMadCycle group every success. When the new track is completed, perhaps the group could look at another route to link Dry Drayton to Oakington, from where there are safe cycle tracks to Histon, Girton and Cambridge and to the cycle track beside the guided busway providing connections East and West.

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